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  • Ventis was started in 2011 by a group of three blokes, all who have backgrounds in the ventilation industry.

    All of them family men with young kids, they recognised the importance of ventilation for a healthy, comfortable home environment. They knew, as any parent does, that creating a healthy environment for their children is a high priority.

    They decided to invest in creating a ventilation system that incorporated modern technology. Enlisting the help of Planet Innovation – innovation and product development specialists, they set about to develop a product designed to create healthier, more comfortable homes. The result was the Ventis Home Ventilation System – the best system on the market.



  • HRV was founded in 2003 by two Kiwi entrepreneurs, who were passionate about improving the state of NZ homes.

    They saw that ventilation could make a big difference to the damp, dripping homes that many people lived in – and it all went from there.

    We introduced the great benefits of home ventilation to Kiwi homeowners, and our market-leading products quickly became recognised as the go-to for families wanting relief from damp, unhealthy homes, especially when health issues such as asthma and allergies were part of the problem. We soon took our products to Australia, and there was just as much desire for change here too.



  • At xchange air we specialise in providing a total solution for poorly ventilated houses.

    We have a sub-floor product we install called Ultrafan where we deal with houses that have a mould and musty smells. Sub-floor damp is very common but if you don’t treat it correctly it can have a very damaging effect on people’s homes and health.

    Fortunately there is a solution… At xchange air we have our Ultrafan tailor made ventilation system designed to create a constant cross flow of fresh air beneath your floors to stop the damp, moist air from entering the living areas of your home.


    xchange air

  • In 2013 CSR Edmonds won the Excellence in Sustainability Award for the Odyssey system.

    This national award recognises the “best of the best” Australian initiatives that have made clear improvements in the sustainability of HVAC&R (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration) systems or the HVAC&R industry.

    The initiatives may be new air conditioning or refrigeration systems or the development of new systems, items of plant or other improvements, or in the industry’s delivery of services.